Saturday, June 23, 2012

Moustache party

Going to Calais opening party last night, i'm proud to be the founder of Surabaya Vogue that has been supported this event. I'm so glad that this event has succeed.
 Guess what? Ore premium store has given us, Sby vogue member a gift to wear on this event. I got this blazer By: Allthethings.
 Got this bag and vip member card, from Clementine by mimsy. what a super blast  night!!

Wiw: Celine trapezze 
          All the thing blazer

Sorry for posting too much pictures,This event just went so well.
Stay tuned vogue!!


  1. really wish I could join ce:) sounds so fun.
    follback ya

  2. Followed Neth : ) , ya.. So bad you can't come... Sby vogue had so much fun ...