Monday, January 30, 2012


Here I am,with unprepared outfits in this photoshoots. But the results's not as bad as I thought before.

Black's always be one of my favorite color. It's looks Elegance, Boyish even when you're not trying.
And Here's some photoshoots for my beloved one birthday present , is this sweet enough?

                                                 Photographer : Fey
                                               Stay tuned, beloveed!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alexander Mcqueen spring 2012,RTW.

This show is by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen , she's being a creative director after lee's death.   it was another brilliant creature, and i think  lee's women is here.

 He's one of my favorite designer. Yes,you know because he was gorgeous 
and unique just the way he is.

Now, the backstage that always be my favorite part during the show :

So,what you think about this lovely dress ? Won't think twice to buy this..

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