Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alexander Mcqueen spring 2012,RTW.

This show is by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen , she's being a creative director after lee's death.   it was another brilliant creature, and i think  lee's women is here.

 He's one of my favorite designer. Yes,you know because he was gorgeous 
and unique just the way he is.

Now, the backstage that always be my favorite part during the show :

So,what you think about this lovely dress ? Won't think twice to buy this..

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  1. blogjumping, found this new blog.
    keep updating, show your style :)

  2. @snapshot:suree :) thankyou. im follow your blog,anyway .

  3. Welcome to the blog world, Fidella. :) You're on my BBM contact.
    keep updating. I love reading anyone-living-near-me's blog.

    Summer Flounce

    1. @chanelene:thankyou lene,yap i know it and i often looking your blog too,nice to meet you,anyway me and christian belvin want to make group fashion bloggers in surabaya,wanna join us?and we hang out together with another bloggers every weekend ,it'll be fun :)

    2. WITH CC SILVIA AND KARINA? <3 haha it would be so much fun!! if just i live in surabaya and about your age :( lol :D

  4. i love alexander mcqueen SO MUCH. like, seriously!!! aww <3. love your blog! come visit and follow mine if u want!! ^^ we can follow each other !btw i'm from indo, are u? haha

  5. @winda:i want too :( but if just i know ce silvi and karina,and if they and you live in surabaya, can we make fashion bloggers group from indo?and just follow them,may we can meet if you come to surabaya or if im going to spore, im from surabaya, give me your pin bb,mssg to my email dear <3.already follow yours,follback mine :)

  6. I really like A.MCQ. I wish one day to own something of his!

  7. epic :)
    a huge fan of Mcqueen(thanks to Gaga)
    I miss him badly too :(
    Follow me if you'd like;
    New(also from Surabaya) Fashion Blogger.
    I believe you do know me from bbm. xx.